Participants of UCC 2013 will be offered hands-on tutorials on highly relevant topics and tools. Four quality tutorials of 3 hours each are offered during the conference days.

Dec 10: André Martin and Do Le Quoc: Elastic and Fault Tolerant Event Stream Processing using StreamMine3G
Dec 11: Steffen Krause: Hands on Introduction to Amazon Web Services
Dec 12: Chandrasekaran K: Resource Management in Cloud Computing
Dec 13: Rajkumar Buyya: Market-Oriented Cloud Computing and the Aneka Platform

André Martin and Do Le Quoc: Elastic and Fault Tolerant Event Stream Processing using StreamMine3G
Abstract: The massive amount of new data being generated each day by data sources such as smartphones and sensor devices calls for new techniques to process such continuous streams of data. Event Stream Processing (ESP) is a well known technique to process such data streams in (soft) realtime which allows the detection as well as a quick reaction to relevant situations. In this tutorial, we will introduce the participants to ESP techniques as well as ESP systems such as Storm, Apache S4 and StreamMine3G. We will cover aspects such as programming models, fault tolerance and furthermore elasticity and cloud support of these plattforms.

Bio: The tutorial will be given by André Martin and Do Le Quoc. André Martin is a forth year PhD student at the Systems Engineering Group of TU Dresden and his research is centered around fault tolerance as well as elasticity in MapReduce and ESP Systems. He has six years of experience in big data systems such as MapReduce and ESP and is the creator of the StreamMine3G ESP system which will be used within the tutorial. Do Le Quoc is a first year PhD student at the Systems Engineering Group of TU Dresden. His research interests include network management, anomaly detection, deep packet inspection, cloud computing, and big data analytics. He received his master degree in computer science from Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea. He also worked at R&D center of DASAN Networks company, Seoul, Korea before starting his Ph.D. studies at the Systems Engineering Group of TU Dresden, Germany.

Steffen Krause: Hands on Introduction to Amazon Web Services
Abstract: Amazon Web Services is the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. In this tutorial, we will give you a hands on experience with some of the AWS services. You can either work along with the tutor or do the labs according to the manuals at your own speed. During the course of the lab, we will explain some of the basic concepts of Amazon Web Services.

Bio: Steffen Krause is a Technology Evangelist for Amazon Web Services. After working for many years in the implementa- tion of complex information management, BI and database solutions for customers of all sizes, he now works on highly scalable, cost effective IT solutions in the cloud. Steffen is a regular speaker at international conferences on databases and cloud services.

Chandrasekaran K: Resource Management in Cloud Computing
Abstract: This three hour tutorial will address the following important issues in the context of resource management in Cloud environment: (a) Introduction to resource management issues in clouds, (b) Examples from existing systems with discussion of algorithms and techniques (c) Challenges and research opportunities (d) Handling uncertainties during resource management, and, (e) our research work – dynamic scaling of resources in cloud

Bio: K.Chandrasekaran is currently Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, Mangalore, India. He is having 26 years of academic teaching and research experience. He serves as a member of various reputed societies including IEEE (SM), ACM (SM), CSI(India), ISTE(India) and ABS. He is also a member in IEEE Computer Society's Cloud Computing STC (Special Technical Community). He coordinated many sponsored projects supported by MHRD, ISRO/VSSC and some industries, and, consultancy projects. He has organized numerous events such as International conferences, International Symposium, workshops and several academic short term programs at NITK. He was a visiting fellow at LMU Leeds, UK in 1995, Visiting Professor at AIT, Bangkok in 2007, and Visitor at UF, USA in 2008, and Visitor at CLOUDS Lab, Univ. of Melbourne in 2012. He had also worked as Visiting (Professor) at DoMS,IIT Madras during Feb-Dec. 2010. His areas of interest include: Computer Networks, Distributed Computing (includes Cloud Computing and security) and Business Computing & Information systems Management.

Rajkumar Buyya: Market-Oriented Cloud Computing and the Aneka Platform
Abstract: Computing is being transformed to a model consisting of services that are commoditised and delivered in a manner similar to utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and telephony. In such a model, users access services based on their requirements without regard to where the services are hosted. Several computing paradigms have promised to deliver this utility computing vision. Cloud computing is the most recent emerging paradigm promising to turn the vision of "computing utilities" into a reality. Cloud computing has emerged as one of the buzzwords in the ICT industry. Several IT vendors are promising to offer storage, computation and application hosting services, and provide coverage in several continents, offering Service-Level Agreements (SLA) backed performance and uptime promises for their services. It delivers infrastructure, platform, and software (application) as services, which are made available as subscription-based services in a pay-as-you-go model to consumers. The price that Cloud Service Providers charge can vary with time and the quality of service (QoS) expectations of consumers. This Tutorial (1) presents the 21st century vision of computing and identifies various IT paradigms promising to deliver the vision of computing utilities; (2) defines the architecture for creating market-oriented Clouds by leveraging technologies such as VMs; (3) provides thoughts on market-based resource management strategies that encompass both customer-driven service management and computational risk management to sustain SLA-oriented resource allocation; (4) presents Aneka, a software system for rapid development of Cloud applications and their deployment on private/public Clouds with resource provisioning driven by SLAs and user QoS requirements, (5) reports experimental results on deploying Cloud applications in engineering, gaming, and health care domains on private or public Clouds, and (6) concludes with the need for convergence of competing IT paradigms for delivering our 21st century vision along with pathways for future research.

Bio: Dr. Rajkumar Buyya is Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Future Fellow of the Australian Research Council, and Director of the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He is also serving as the founding CEO of Manjrasoft, a spin-off company of the University, commercializing its innovations in Cloud Computing. He has authored over 450 publications and four text books including "Mastering Cloud Computing" published by McGraw Hill and Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann, 2013 for Indian and international markets respectively. He also edited several books including "Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms" (Wiley Press, USA, Feb 2011). He is one of the highly cited authors in computer science and software engineering worldwide (h-index=76, g-index=154, 26700+ citations). Microsoft Academic Search Index ranked Dr. Buyya as the world's top author in distributed and parallel computing between 2007 and 2012. He is an "ISI Highly Cited Researcher". Software technologies for Grid and Cloud computing developed under Dr. Buyya's leadership have gained rapid acceptance and are in use at several academic institutions and commercial enterprises in 40 countries around the world. Dr. Buyya has led the establishment and development of key community activities, including serving as foundation Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing and five IEEE/ACM conferences. These contributions and international research leadership of Dr. Buyya are recognized through the award of "2009 IEEE Medal for Excellence in Scalable Computing" from the IEEE Computer Society, USA. Manjrasoft's Aneka Cloud technology developed under his leadership has received "2010 Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award" and "2011 Telstra Innovation Challenge, People's Choice Award". He is currently serving as the foundation Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing. For further information on Dr. Buyya, please visit his cyberhome:

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